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You may secure surgery advice, surgical in-clinic services and surgical referral services with Dr. Lara Rasmussen via Direct Veterinary Surgery, LLC. I bring 20 years of board-certified, surgical experience to serve your patients, clients and you. My certified veterinary technician, Karley Brace, supports your patients’ and clients’ surgical experience with a commitment to excellence and will managing your logistics with Direct Veterinary Surgery efficiently and effectively.

Serving greater Twin Cities pets and their people with mobile small animal specialty surgery care

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Here you will find:

A direct contact form for scheduling a DVS surgical visit to your Twin Cities clinic.

Contact information for Partner Clinics with DVS operating privileges in the east Metro and west Metro when you would like to refer a client out to DVS for surgery.

A list of DVS Surgical Services with brief pertinent information for planning. (Hardcopy estimate lists are available; let us know if you need one.)

The DVS library of written and visual materials for your consumption and distribution to your clients. (Note: the pet owner side of the website has the same or lay-language materials pertinent to the pet owner.)

A Surgical Perspective blog with timely or obscure or all-to-common topics for your consumption and commentary. Send me your photos to post!

A hodge podge of veterinary links pertinent to someone!